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Farewell to Sport (1938)
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday (1939)
(US: Adventures of Hiram Holliday)

The Secret Front (1940)
The Snow Goose (1941)
Golf is a Friendly Game (1942)
Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees (1942)
Selected Stories of Paul Gallico (1944)
The Lonely (1947)
Confessions of a Story Writer (1948)
Jennie (1950)
(US: The Abandoned)

The Small Miracle (1951)
Trial by Terror (1952)
Snowflake (1952)
The Foolish Immortals (1953)
Love of Seven Dolls (1954)
Ludmila (1955)
Thomasina (1957)
Flowers for Mrs. Harris (1958)
(US: Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris)

The Steadfast Man (1958)
Too Many Ghosts (1959)
The Hurricane Story (1959)
Mrs. Harris goes to New York (1960)
(US: Mrs. 'Arris goes to New York)

Confessions of a Story Teller (1961)
(US: Further Confessions of a Story Writer)

Scruffy (1962)
Coronation (1962)
Love, Let me not Hunger (1963)
The Day the Guinea-Pig talked (1963)
Three Stories (1964)
(US: Three Legends)

The Hand of Mary Constable (1964)
The Silent Miaow (1964)
The Day Jean-Pierre was Pignapped (1964)
Mrs. Harris, M.P. (1965)
(US: Mrs. 'Arris goes to Parliament)

The Day Jean-Pierre went round the world (1965)
The Golden People (1965)
The Man who was Magic (1966)
The Story of Silent Night (1967)
The Revealing Eye (1967)
Gallico Magic (1967)
Manxmouse (1968)
The Poseidon Adventure (1969)
The Day Jean-Pierre Joined the Circus (1969)
Matilda (1970)
The Zoo Gang (1971)
Honourable Cat (1972)
(US: Honorable Cat)

The Boy who invented the Bubble Gun (1974)
Mrs. Harris goes to Moscow (1974)
(US: Mrs. 'Arris goes to Moscow)

Miracle in the Wilderness (1975)
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1978)
The House that Wouldn't go away (1979)
The Best of Paul Gallico (1988)