UK First Edition
1947 - Michael Joseph

US First Edition
1949 - Knopf

A young American is stationed in England during the war. He is engaged to a girl back home, and is sure that he loves her. He forms a friendship with a young English girl, and what is intended to be a casual fling with her in Scotland turns into something more serious....

This sounds like Mills and Boone! Let me assure you, this book is lovely. I am not a fan of love stories, but I really enjoyed this one.

Other information
An earlier version of this story was first published in Cosmopolitan in 1945.

This book is out of print in the UK, but was until quite recently available as a Penguin paperback, with Ludmila. It shouldn't be that hard to track down. Reprint copies of the hardback are quite easy to find as well - first editions are fairly rare.

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