UK First Edition
1950 - Michael Joseph

US First Edition
1950 - Knopf

This is the story of a young boy called Peter, who is knocked down by a car. To his considerable astonishment, when he recovers, he is not a young boy, but a cat! Fortunately, he meets Jennie, a cat who had been abandoned by her family when they moved away (hence the US title), who educates him in the wiles of the feline world. ("When in doubt - wash!") The book is a chronicle of their adventures.

This is another of my favourites. Even if you do not like cats, you will probably enjoy this - if you do, then you will relish the details. Paul Gallico is an acute observer of the tricks that cats get up to (see The Silent Miaow).

Other information
A lengthy extract of this book can be found in a nice book called The Personality of the Cat, published by Crown in the US in 1958..

This book is no longer in print in either the US or the UK, However, second-hand editions are reasonable easy to find - and it is not difficult to find quite nice first editions.

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