UK First Edition
1968 - Heinemann

US First Edition
1968 - Coward McCann

This is odd. It is a children's book, about a little ceramic mouse (with no tail - hence Manxmouse) who comes to life, and the adventures he has. The story is very entertaining, but a bit strange, to say the least! The book was illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnstone (who are more famous for illustrating One Hundred and One Dalmatians).

Other information
J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter) reckons this as one of her favourite books.

An anime (Japanese animation) was made of this in 1979 by Nippon Animation Co. Ltd. Its original title was Tondemonezumi Daikatsuyaku (which roughly translates to The Great Challenge of Tondemonezumi, I gather...)

Strangely, this is quite difficult to get hold of. First editions are very pricy - particularly the US edition. This seems to be a recent thing, and may possibly have something to do with J. K. Rowling's opinion of the book…

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