US First Edition
1948 - Knopf

This is a collection of early Gallico short stories. It includes all the stories in Selected Stories plus several more, including two from Adventures of Hiram Holliday. It also includes biographical information, and some very interesting information about how the stories came to be written.

Other information
Verna - USO GirlApart from The Snow Goose, three of the stories in this book have been filmed. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas was filmed in 1938 as No Time to Marry. The Adventure of Joe Smith, American was filmed in 1942 as Joe Smith, American, and again in 1959 as The Big Operator, starring Mickey Rooney. Verna was made into a T.V. film starring Sissy Spacek, called Verna: USO Girl in 1977.

A later edition of this book was published in 1961, called Further Confessions of a Story Writer.

Rather scarce.

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