UK First Edition
1969 - Heinemann

US First Edition
1969 - Coward McCann

If The Snow Goose is Paul Gallico's most well-known book, this runs it a close second. The difference is that most people have heard of the book, but don't realize who it is by! Anyway, thanks to the film, you all know what the book is about. But for those of you under the age of twenty...the Poseidon is an ocean liner, which is hit by a freak wave, and turns completely over. The story follows the adventures of a group of people trapped inside the liner, as they try to make their way to the outside.

This is a cracking yarn - the sort you don't pick up late at night if you want any sleep. There are some unlikely events (as if the whole thing isn't an unlikely event!) but somehow Gallico makes you believe in them.

Other information
The Poseidon AdventureLong before Titanic (and I refuse to put a link to any of the dozens of web sites for that movie), there was The Poseidon Adventure! Starring Shelley Winters and Gene Hackman, this was the first (and considered, by many, one of the best) of the Disaster Movies of the 1970's. (I suppose I have to mention the 2006 remake, Poseidon, which by all accounts is pretty bad.)

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