UK First Edition
1975 - Heinemann

US First Edition
1975 - Delacorte

This is rather lovely. It is a Christmas story, set in the America of colonial times. A couple and their baby are captured by an Indian tribe; the story is about the miracle that happened to save them. Only a short book; illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnstone in the UK edition (who also illustrated One Hundred and One Dalmatians).

Other information
A TV movie was made of this in 1992, starring Kris Kristofferson and Kim Cattrall.

The story is actually copyright 1955; I assume that it was written for a magazine around that time, and republished in 1975 as a book.

There is a special signed limited edition, published in 1975 by the Whittington Press, a small private press in the Cotswolds. There are 250 copies, of which the first 85 are leather-bound, the others are cloth-bound. Fifty of these are actually numbered M1 to M50 (I am the proud owner of number M6); these were a special set for the Mouette Press in Oxford, and they have Mouette Press (rather than Whittington Press) on the title page. This edition is very difficult to find, and very pricey if you do find it.

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