US First Edition
1938 - Knopf

In 1936, Paul Gallico gave up his job as a sports writer, to devote himself to full time writing. This book was his first, and as the title suggests, it is his farewell to sports writing. It is, however, an ironic title - the book also refers to the increasing professionalism in sport in the thirties, and bemoans the loss of sport in its original sense.

Gallico on SportThis book was only published in the USA. It is very difficult to find in the first edition, especially with dust-cover. Not a real surprise, as the book is now sixty years old! There are later reprints available, which can be found without too much difficulty.

farewell to sportThere is an Armed Services Edition (#728) of the book, which is not that easy to find.

A paperback edition of the book was published in 1945. This is rather confusingly titled Gallico on Sport on the front cover, but Farewell to Sport on the spine and title page...

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