UK First Edition
1979 - Heinemann

US First Edition
1979 - Delacorte

The Maitlands live in a block of flats in London. The three Maitland children discover that the block of flats was originally built on the site of a large house. So they restore the house in their imaginations, and decide to find out who in the block of flats lives where in the old house. Unfortunately, there are some people in the flats who do not take kindly to the idea of living in an imaginary house...

This was Paul Gallico's last novel, published posthumously. It has a touch of the supernatural about it, but is quite a good story. Not one of his best, but not bad.

Other information
This was first published in the UK, and then published in an abridged form in the US. I suspect that the US editors were aiming at an older readers audience, rather than an adult audience.

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