US First Edition
1942 - Grosset and Dunlap

Being a Brit, my first reaction was 'who?' But I have now read the book. It is, of course, the biography of Lou Gehrig, one of the finest baseball stars that ever lived. The introduction is by Bill Dickey.

To my mind, this book is a bit too much of a hero-worship - can anyone be quite as perfect as Lou Gehrig apparently was? But it is a good read, nevertheless.

Other information
The Pride of the Yankees was also filmed in 1942, starring Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig and Teresa Wright as Eleanor Gehrig. Gary Cooper and Lou Gehrig are on the front cover of the book. I've not seen the film, but it is generally reckoned to be the best baseball film ever made. Paul Gallico was nominated for an Oscar for the story.

other lou gehrigThis book is surprisingly common, considering how old it is. I guess a lot of people adored Lou Gehrig, and bought the book!

Interestingly, it seems that there are two early editions of this book - it is not at all clear which is the true first edition. The one on the right is 8.25" by 5.75"; it advertises Sergeant York by Sam K.Cowan on the back flap. The one above is 7.75" by 5.25"; it advertises Knute Rockne by Harry Stuhldreher.

My thanks to Geoff Phillips for the information about the "other" first edition.

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