UK First Edition
1972 - Heinemann

US First Edition
1972 - Crown

This is a book of poems by Gallico about cats, with a lot of beautiful photographs in colour by Osamu Ishikawa. There is also a credit to Virginia Gallico for additional photographs. There is a long introduction about cats in general. Gallico is a wonderful prose writer - but in my opinion, a poet he ain't!

Other information
A songwriter called Hugh Emerson has put some of these poems to music.

honourable cat p/bNot difficult to find. There was also a paperback version published in Britain by Pan, with colour photos by Jane Burton. The photos are lovely, but do not go anywhere near as well with the poems as do the originals.

I have a UK first edition in pristine condition, signed by Paul Gallico. A friend of mine found it in a car boot sale, and picked it up for 40p (about 65c) for me!

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