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This web site is dedicated to the literature of Paul Gallico. He wrote over forty books, on a wide range of subjects. He is most well known, of course, for The Snow Goose - and deservedly so. But anyone who has only read The Snow Goose is missing a lot. His short novels are quite lovely - I defy anyone to read The Small Miracle without getting a lump in the throat. His books range from whimsical stories about magic (The Man who was Magic) to serious thrillers (Trial by Terror, The Poseidon Adventure); from allegory (Snowflake) to straight story telling (Love, let me not Hunger). If you like romance, then read The Lonely; if you just like a good heartwarming story, try Coronation, or Mrs 'Arris goes to Paris - two of my personal favourites. He has also written children's books, biographies of St Patrick, Lou Gehrig and the Hurricane, and several books about cats.

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mrs 'arris goes to paris
The lonely

I have produced a separate page for each of Gallico's books (that I am aware of). Each page gives you the original publication date, a review of the book and other miscellaneous information about the book. Note that the review is purely my own opinion of the book - feel free to disagree with me!

For some of the books, I have given some information about availability. If I have written nothing, it means that the book is out of print, but not too difficult to find in second-hand book shops, either in hardback or paperback. (I have given links to the best sources of second-hand books on the internet.) Some of Gallico's books are still in print; some are getting quite difficult to find; I will indicate this where necessary.

Gallico signature It is worth mentioning that it is not that difficult to find signed copies of his books - so look out for this signature on the flyleaf.

It should be noted that several of Gallico's books were published with different titles in the UK and US. Some were only published in the US. I will list books by their UK titles, and indicate the alternatives where necessary.

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