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These are some links which you might find useful. As I find others, I will add them. But there are very few resources on the Web about Paul Gallico - that is one of the reasons I did this site!

Other Web Sites about Paul Gallico

Paul Gallico
A good article on about Paul Gallico, including a short biography and a discussion of his styles and themes.
The Writing Style of Paul Gallico
An interesting article, written as part of a Philosophy of Sport course, discussing Paul Gallico's style of sports writing, and comparing it with other famous writers.

Second hand books
probably the best source of second-hand books on the Internet - my personal favourite. I have added a link to ABE to all the book pages to allow a single-click search. (This site is affiliated to, and I earn a small percentage if you buy books via these links.)
used to run ABE a very close second - but it is now just an offshoot of Amazon, and I only use it as a last resort.
also a superb source of second hand books - but generally a bit more pricy than the other two, as they buy the books, add a markup and sell them on to you.
ebay or ebay uk
always worth a try. They have a fair-sized collection of second hand books, and they normally have a few by Gallico. (There's always their offshoot,, as well.) QXL is not in the same class - I have never once found a Gallico book for sale there.
...and then finally there is
a very useful front end to all the above, and a few more besides - and it'll also check whether the book is available new too! (Though the last bit is unreliable...)

Films and TV programs

The Internet Movie Database
if you can't find out about a film here, it probably can't be found anywhere.
The Poseidon Adventure
what a phenomenal tribute!
The Poseidon Adventure Fan Club
The official fan club site - and another excellent resource for all things Poseidon.
Verna: USO Girl
The Clock
The Zoo Gang

Articles and Sports Writing by Paul Gallico

Gene Tunney - Then and Now
Behind the Build-Up
both articles are from Liberty Magazine. They were published around 1930, and are both about Gene Tunney and professional boxing in general.
Farewell to the Babe
an admiration of Babe Didrikson - probably the greatest female athlete ever.
St Francis of Assisi
a discussion of what the Saint meant to Gallico; "a groping for an expression of some of those qualities in him that have touched me deeply in recent years". It is not clear when and where this was originally written.

Other miscellaneous links

a fascinating place, with reviews of thousands of books, and a search engine which helps you find books by asking you about the sort of books you like. It has a section with a few Paul Gallico books reviewed. I may add some more...
Reader's Paradise
a forum for people who love reading.
The Literature of Stan Barstow
My other "Literature of..." site.
Creative Americans by Carl Van Vechten
in the Library of Congress. Includes a portrait of Paul Gallico, which was also used as the frontispiece to Farewell to Sport.
Books Go To War
A very interesting site about the Armed Services Editions in World War 2. Two of Gallico's books (Farewell to Sport and Adventures of Hiram Holliday) were reprinted by the Armed Services Editions; one other (Selected Stories) is only available in this format.
Music inspired by The Snow Goose
by the Seventies rock band Camel.
Lou Gehrig
20th Century American Bestsellers Database
A fantastic resource, put together by John Unsworth, an English lecturer at the University of Illinois (previously at the University of Virginia), with help from his students. This is a wonderful example of how the Internet should be used.
Tom Napper and Tom Bliss
A talented pair of folk musicians; Tom Bliss has written a song about The Snow Goose.
Snow Goose Gallery
specialising in limited edition prints - the name was chosen for The Snow Goose.
Xenu's Link Sleuth
A neat, free, program for checking links, which works extremely well!
The JavaScript Source
I got the JavaScript and cookie code for selecting the US/UK sites from here. (And I learnt a lot about JavaScript and cookies too!)

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