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The Snow Goose - A Drama with Sound Effects and Music

This LP was released probably in the mid-fifties on the Brunswick label, number LA8508. It stars Herbert Marshall and Joan Loring, with a supporting cast. The story was adapted by Nat Wolff, and the music was composed by Victor Young.

The music was originally released in around 1947, on three 78 RPM records. If you are interested, Crystal Stream Audio sell a CD called "Wartime Memories" - it contains this same recording.

When I was a child, my mother had the LP of the Snow Goose dramatisation with Herbert Marshall and Joan Loring. As a 10-year-old boy preoccupied with the Hardy Boys I couldn't be less inclined to listen to it ... until one evening my mother had some friends visiting, and played The Snow Goose for them. This was fairly late and I had already been sent off to bed. But my bedroom led off the livingroom and I could clearly hear every word, and I was a captive but increasingly willing listener right up to Marshall's final "Goodbye, my Frith, goodbye!", and I was compelled to turn over a somewhat damp pillow before I could go to sleep. The Snow Goose has consequently always had a special place in my memories, and 46 years later, I still know sections of it off by heart.

Leon du Plessis
email - May 2002

I'd like to thank Earle Jeffries for supplying me with this information and the scan.

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