UK First Edition
1954 - Michael Joseph

US First Edition
1954 - Doubleday

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Christine - February 2000
I was introduced to Seven Dolls by my beloved teacher at the age of 15, and now, ten years later, I still regard that book as the core of my entity and personality. I fell so much in love with this book (and of my teacher as well) that although I had a serious exam the following day, I just read it from beginning to end. When I come back to this book all the old feelings resurface and penetrate my heart: the shiftings from hope to despair, not really grasping what is the reality and what is the fantasy. Like Mouche, a lonely and naive girl, I find myself sometimes believing salvation is only seven souls away, and redemption is possible even when the real life puppeteer is the one who says the last word. But also like her, I find myself crying, desparate and lost, trying to regain true love bonding, and to belong. For beyond the beautiful descriptions of French circus ambiance and everyday culture and life, and beyond the charming play of Mouche with her beloved dolls, is hidden a hard truth about this world: it is not an easy place to live in, but if we never lose hope, it might become our paradise. It all depends on our faith.

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